Comfortable Council Furniture for a Healthy and Relaxed Experience in Public Places

Published on July 11, 2016

Local governments / council are responsible for a user friendly, attractive and hygienic environment which welcomes citizens to relax and rest in public places. These authorities provide street and park furniture like benches and seats, shelters, bike stands, bins, sign posts, tree guards etc. Manufacturers provide wholesale council furniture specially crafted for urban areas. Since these products are mainly erected outdoors they are made of durable materials like timber, stainless steel, vinyl, plastic and other materials and fiber. They come in all shapes and sizes and often carry the council logos for a specialized look. Local manufacturers use innovative designs and finishes to create beautiful locales across the region.

Surroundings are kept clean with the help of receptacles which should not only be durable but also safe, attractive and avoid spills. Public bins for sale include steel bin frames with and without cover, slatted bins, galvanized bins, toilet roll dispenser guards, soap dispenser guards, perforated, top end bins and wall mounted bulk bins. There are also ash receptacles which may be round, square, mounted or the in ground types. There are bins on wheels with flip tops and can be used for keeping recyclable products. These wheelie bins can be secured to locking posts. These posts may be double, single or in a set of three. They can be fixed on walls as well as in the ground. Public bins can be lifted using electro hydraulic lifters, manual hydraulic lifters and generator powered lifters. Special guards or bin surrounds protect bins from vandals and other kinds of damage, they also prevent spilling or drifting of the refuge. These can be custom designed to carry the council or the park authority logos using their own designs and colours.

Parks require special furniture that are durable, safe, attractive and easy to maintain. There are various types of park furniture for sale this website like benches, seats with or without backs, tree seats, sheltered furniture, tables and chairs for special seating arrangements. Also included are bike stands, drinking fountains, planter boxes, bollards and sign posts, tree guards, dust bins and surrounds so that users enjoy a clean and safe time in the park.


Street and park furniture in Australia are manufactured to suit local needs and conditions. Bike racks of stainless steel come in various designs, circular or the curved steel hoops, flat bike rails, steel bike bollards and multiple bike hoops to secure bicycles. Bollards come in aluminium, plastic with or without in ground tubes and can be used as markers, sign posts, lock in posts and for posters. Low cost drinking fountains, planters,  benches and seats with low maintenance and ready to install attachments are ideal for streets and parks. Tree seats are cleverly designed to protect the tree trunks as well as  provide rest and shade for the users. Sign posts for showing directions, important landmarks, emergency and refreshable outlets and to put up public notices come as mounted and in ground types. There are table settings  for picnic spots which come in combinations of two or more pieces with a main centre table and matching seats / benches. The cafe style settings are also available.

Custom built street furniture ensures durability, safety and beauty. Ideally it should be made of stainless steel which is highly resistant to corrosion, easy to clean and sanitize, having a long life, highly recyclable with minimum maintenance expenditure. Benches, seats, bins, bollards, indicators, posts, drinking fountains and planters are all a part of street furniture that can be custom built. A unique look can be created with innovative modifications like a longer batten, different polish or finish, new patterns for bench legs / arms, bollards and sign posts with antique looks. Mixing and matching of various options are available to create a new design. This is cost effective and offers easy replacement of parts for a long period of time.

Sheltered furniture is specially designed for picnic spots and as outdoor park seats. They come with narrow / broad roofs, aluminium/ steel seats with table settings and make perfect eat-in-shade seats. Tree hugging benches make convenient resting places in parks. For the best bargains remember to consult experienced sales representatives of council furniture.