Common Shipping Mistakes You Need To Know

Published on August 10, 2016

When sending products to another country for the first time, it is quite normal to feel anxious. Since you are dealing with a totally unfamiliar destination, the chances of messing up are quite high. This is why most people high professional services for this task. However, if you are planning to do it yourself, then it is important for you to do it the right way. In this case, the following are some mistakes that you need to avoid during this process.

Improper Packaging

Packing shipment products is not as simple as gift-wrapping. If the particular item is improperly packed, it is more likely to get damaged. If you are transporting an item of high value of ancestral significance, remember that you cannot get it back once the damage has been done. This is why it is important to use the right packaging practices and resources for this purpose. This way, you will be avoid the unnecessary costs and liabilities that may occur.

Inaccurate Weight

If you do not stick to the weight limits of the particular airline or freight service or if you are carrying more than you are supposed to, you might not get custom clearance from the country that you are sending your items to. This is why it is important to keep the weight below the given limit. Sometimes, the machine you use might not be accurate. At such circumstances, it is important to double-check the weight capacity to be sure.


Incorrect Address

Even if you manage to get custom clearance Iraq for your items, everything will be in vain if you put in the wrong address. First and foremost, you need to double-check whether the address that you are writing is correct. Use Google Maps or any other source to confirm that such a place exists. Once you clarify that, write the address carefully and clearly.

Delivery Receipt

If you are doing this all on your own, there is no way to know that your item was delivered until the recipient contacts you. Until you get a notice from the recipient, you will be restless. However, if you are using the services of a professional service, you must never forget to ask for a delivery receipt. This is the easiest way to know whether your package was delivered safely. This receipt will enable you to know whether your package was delivered on time and in a safe manner. Therefore, make sure to ask for it.

Avoiding these common mistakes will enable you to ensure that your package will reach your proffered choice of destination in a safe and punctual manner.