Four Parallel Parking Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Published on May 26, 2016

Parallel parking is something that most people struggle with regardless of their driving experience. The pressure of this task can be eased to a significant extent if drivers are aware of the correct techniques to follow. You can master the art by avoiding the following mistakes.

Incorrect Positioning of the Vehicle

Incorrect positioning can be really annoying when you need to start your car or reverse it. This usually happens when you are too close to the car that is beside you or not far ahead enough. The approximate distance between another vehicle and yours should be at least 1 meter. One way to ensure that you have parked perfectly is to see whether the rear bumpers of both cars are aligned. If so, it means that you have done a clean job.

Choosing the Wrong Space to Park

A common mistake that most drivers make is to choose inconvenient parking spaces with wheel stop. Most of the times, it is too small and tight which presents difficulty when reversing the car. You must ensure that the spot is assigned for parking. For instance, if you notice a bike parking racks close by, it is best to avoid that spot since it will present inconvenience for bike travelers. Also, make sure that the space can accommodate the size of your vehicle. Go to this page if you want to find out more reviews regarding wheel stop.


Dry Steering

Dry steering is when you ruin your perfect positioning by turning your wheel unwontedly. Once you have parked, stop estimating the level perfection. Doubting your skills can make you feel unsure and take a long time to park. Since dry steering is done when the vehicle is not moving, it can damage your tires. Moreover, it is quite difficult to measure the accuracy of your parking in this condition. Whether there are, nice bicycle parking racks nearby or not, this bad driving habit can definitely cause damage.

Relying on Myths

Most drivers believe that lining the handle of their car’s door to that of the next car results in the perfect parallel parking position. Do know that this nothing but a parking myth. It does not work since you will not be parking next to vehicle that is similar to yours. It can be different make or model and even a completely different size. So, unless the vehicle is absolutely the same, this trick will not work.

The next time you park, keep these mistakes in mind. By avoiding them, you can not only avoid a great level of stress and inconvenience, but you can also save considerable amount of time and fuel that you usually waste.