Know the Exact Facts about the Jamon Iberico

Published on August 8, 2016

The Holm and cork very well supplied firewood for the people, color for the vegetation and livestock, cork merchandise, and acorns throughout fall and iciness. During the spring and summer livestock and sheep graze the fields. Throughout the autumn and winter, while the acorns are falling from the bushes, the pigs are launched to fatten up. This historic human-maintained atmosphere survives intact to this day. An aside: with the construction increase in current Spain there was stress at the proprietors of the Jamon iberico to convert it into actual property for homes and flats. After 3 to 4 months of the duration referred to as the ‘montanera’ each pig roughly doubles its weight. Within the wintry weather, once they have reached a sure weight, their time has arrived for the ‘sacrifice’  The ‘matanza’, or sacrifice, has traditionally been an own family affair. A pig could be slaughtered and the complete own family could accumulate to keep the meat for the relaxation of the year. Chorizo, salchichón and morcilla sausages would be made on the spot. Preference cuts could be set aside to be eaten clean. During the last century, circle of relatives factories have all started curing those hams in big portions using the equal strategies. The hams are left to take in the salt for some weeks.

Jamon Iberico

Then they are hung in factories that also have open home windows to permit the mountain air to flow into around the hams. This fairly lengthy curing procedure is feasible because of the big quantity of fats on every ham and, inside the case of the Bellota hams, the antioxidant great in their diets. Over the curing period they lose nearly half their weight because the fat drips away. A brilliant transformation takes place as the wintry weather moves to spring and summer season. The salted ham begins to sweat. Because of the salt, micro organism cannot take hold, but massive chemical adjustments occur. The meat becomes dryer, and cools off as the second wintry weather commences. The unique issue of Jamon iberico is that it may undergo this cycle or 3 instances. The result is a build up of complicated, volatile molecules in the ham that remodel it from a piece of red meat into an orchestra of flavours. With the Bellota hams, the maximum extraordinary transformation is of the fat. Due to the antioxidants in the acorns and the specific curing process, the saturated fats are changed into healthful mono-unsaturated fats high in oleic acid. The simplest fats higher in oleic acid are olive oil.