Mission of Blake Golding agf  

Published on March 15, 2017


In order to serve the people or helping people is not an easy job because it is the fund that is most important. But one of the people that are Blake Golding is proving it that he is the honorable man that is serving to the people. He is the man that got graduated from the Toronto University and has done BA in economics. From France he has done master of business administration from INSEAD. He is well known as Blake Goldring agf because today he is the chairman of this AGF. In the year of 1997 he was elected best man for the post of president in this company and after three years that is in 2000 he was selected as CEO and in the year of 2006 he was selected the beat man that deserves that seat of the chairman.

This is the company that is specially designed for the premier independent investment management. He is working for many charities in Canada. He is also the member of Toronto Sydney orchestra, quality committee of the board, nominating committee, Canadian film center, C.D. Howe institute, Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the World Presidents’ Organization (WPO). In Toronto he is the leadership council member of Toronto financial services. In his pat years he is also having the experience of the post of vice president in investment funds institute of Canada.

He is also the chairman of his own company that is run by himself. It is the many ways to serve that the company is having the name. It is for the men and women that are servicing to the army and families of the Canada forces and they provide the funds to those people. This company is also helping the other people as they are providing the free medicines in many of the hospitals that are charity based hospitals. On the internet you getting all the information about this honorable person and you have his own websites that is especially for the people that likes to talk to him.