More About Low SAP Oil

Published on August 2, 2016

With the new car, comes the new set of responsibility. Each car owner has the responsibility in maintaining the health of his automobile. He or she should also focus on the least negative effect on the environment. It is important that you decide that you are selecting the right oil for your car, to safeguard the health and performance of the car.

For car lovers synthetic low saps oil is an important pick. When oil burns during the car ride, the engine emits gases which leave residues and are harmful. The low SAP oils are lower in phosphorous, sulphar and ashes of sulphate. This emission leaves residues that can be really very harmful for your car. Picking low sap oil would provide excellent performance with much less wear and pressure on engines, starter, batteries and motor parts.


For superior performance premium quality synthetic low saps oil can do wonder. You will be amazed to see the change in your car’s performance. Good low sap oil will contain required level of manganese, zinc and calcium to ensure prevention of residues. It has been observed that with conventional fluids, the exhaust released is very high; for example a vehicle running without low sap fluid would release 50% more fouling whereas with low sap, the fouling will be limited to 5%-10% only.

Fluids with group II as a base is really effective in providing strong protection of wear even when the engine is operating at stretched drain intervals. The selection of low SAP oil should be made based on your engine type. Base II works excellent with Euro 5 engines. For lower engines a pick should be make for a fluid, which enhances the sludge discrepancy along with fantastic soot handling.

Piston Cleanliness is another important aspect and at the same time the oil should be able to minimize the wears due to corrosion. The synthetic version of low saps oil is the outcome of long research and hard work. Though they have similar constituents, their proportions determine the effectiveness. The desired utility is to reduce the emission to the lowest possible level. This oil should be fully synthetic and at the same time effective in fuel conservation. It should have the recognition and required certification to be used as an approved product.

A good manufacturer would always create the low sap oil with the qualities incorporating friction reduction, sufficient level of viscosity even in extreme temperature variation, as well effectiveness in maintaining thermal oxidation level. Good low sap oil should be lowest in evaporation tendency and most importantly should have least impact on environment. In today’s market, there are numerous good low sap oils available and you have to do very less research in picking up the right one.