Tobacco Based Products And Their Negative Impact

Published on July 21, 2016

Knowingly or unknowingly one billion people across the globe have turned into smokers. Although it is an established fact that smoking is injurious to health none of these people seem to be walking away from this risky life they have chosen. It is worse when it comes to chain smokers. Most of the people who choose to smoke are completely aware of its consequences but only a few of them genuinely try to deal with their addiction.

Tobacco industry

Thanks to its loyal customer base the tobacco industry is never at a loss. Even when there are enough people talking about health issues related to smoking and consuming tobacco the number of people who smoke keeps going high. Tobacco leaves are used in the production of many tobacco based products. They are mostly cultivated and exported by th US. US remains among one of the top tobacco exporters in the world. The high demand for these products have made the tobacco industry a very profitable business.


Uses of tobacco

Tobacco leaves are the main parts used in the production. There are different varieties used in different instances. Nicotiana tobacum and Nicotiana rustica are the two main varieties used for smoking. The other raw materials which are used are flammable rolling papers and filters made out of synthetic fibres. A top cigarette machine could be used to roll these into their final shape. As a final touch some people add additives and flavours to the final product.

Smoking kills

It is true that smoking can give you a moment of pleasure but it could also give you a lifetime of hell. The nicotine chemical present in tobacco could be injurious to the human body. Also it keeps you addicted to it making you smoke even more. It could be produced by a  top cigarette machine but that does not mean that the harm it causes is less. Not only will it damage your health it could also damage the environment. It is being found that cigarette butts are scattered everywhere in the natural environment. It should not be forgotten that these cigarettes are made out of chemicals.

Smoking is an unhealthy habit which could eventually take your life. Cigarette smoke can damage your lungs to a great extent. It should also be noted that smoking causes diseases other than respiratory illnesses. Smoking can be harmful to yourself and even those who are around you if they are subjected to passive smoking. Try to quit this bad habit.Be concerned about yourself, your loved ones and the environment.