What Happens When You Are Denied Claims In A Car Accident?

Published on August 2, 2016

After the misfortune of a car accident, many people face another bad situation, as their insurers refuse to cover the costs as expected. This is a bad faith case and can have a series of reasons behind it.

If your car was seriously damaged or you got injuries, the policy must ensure that the financial expenses are covered, so that you don’t face financial ruin. The insurance claim lawyers can ensure that it will happen so, especially when there is a certain hindrance. Insurers may act in bad faith and that is a disaster to policy holders, who thought they would be protected. If insurers avoid paying what they are supposed to pay, you can hold them liable and have an attorney get you through this.

You can take legal action when you have coverage disputes. The same happens when you face deceptive measures or practice violations. The insurance code may be violated and your insurance claim lawyers may help in a situation like this. You can still get the much needed compensation, even if it was initially denied.


Victims like this are many, because insurers often try to take advantage of any situation and interpret the code in different ways, so that the policy holder no longer appears so entitled to compensation. When an insurance claim is denied, first do your best to find out and understand the reason it was so. Perhaps they consider that you could have avoided the accident one way or another. Or, you did not get any treatment for your injuries right after the accident, so there is no record for that. You need to have proof of your injuries and all the damage. Your medical records must be stating these clearly. It could also be that you suffered from a pre-existing condition, so the health issues were rather caused by that and not the accident itself.

These are only some of the reasons. Insurers can get a lot more creative. There are specialized car accident lawyers who can offer you help here. The good news is that you may not have to pay anything in advance. In fact, you will only pay for this reliable lawyer’s service once you are successful with your claim. This takes the stress out of the situation. Don’t wait for them to mention this. Instead, ask about this rule yourself.

Generic insurance claims experts can also help you obtain a payout. In most such cases, however, note that you will need professional help. The deceitful tactics are a reality, regardless of the agreement you had with your chosen insurer.